Hello, I must be going

Hello, I must be going

I started to blog in 2009. Then I lost faith or maybe interest. Maybe both.

During the years I have been tempted to write again. Should I write in Spanish? My mother tongue?. Should I write in English? A language that many understand?. Should I write in Norwegian? The language I struggle with every day?.

Well I will write whatever that comes into my mind. And I will write it in one of these three. I am not planning to learn chinese quite yet.

In other words. I am going to give it another try. Should I really? I should figure out what to write about first.

I am interested in business. I do care about people. Customers are people, employees are people. I am interested in both. What makes customers and employees satisfied. I am interested in sustainable business. Business that take time to build up. Not one hit wonders for me. I may write about this.

I am interested in branding, innovation and creativity. I may share my thoughts or someones thoughts about this topics.

I like to write the shortest stories, songs. I may share one storie or two in this blog.

I like to cook. I may share one recipe or two as well.

I love music. I will share some the music with you.

Until I find the time and the inspiration. Like Groucho Marx said once…Hello, I must be going.